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Company Profile


Service Centre Munich:with support of:
Qualitrans GmbH
International Transports and Logistics

customer service
logistics of vehicles and freights
order transaction
development of projects
quality management
Qualitrans Transport GmbH
City logistics

Qualitrans Warehouse, Harburg
picking, stocking, distribution of goods

Qualitrans Slovakia s.r.o., Prievidza
administration and logistics
of vehicle fleet inSlovakia


1994Rolf Lochbihler encorporated the transport company in Unterschleissheim near Munich
1996The spectrum of activities could be significantly expanded by admission of a silent partner
1998Fondation of Qualitrans Slovakia s.r.o. – International Transports and Logistics based in Priviedza
1999Fondation of Qualitrans Transport GmbH based in Zachenberg and Qualitrans Warehouse in Deggendorf
2001Qualitrans Rolf Lochbihler as a holding positioned the following companies as Qualitrans Group: Qualitrans GmbH – International Transports and Logistics, Qualitrans Transport GmbH and Qualitrans Slovakia s.r.o. – International Transports and Logistics
2002Due to floading of the Danube port (our colleagues stood into water up to their ankles several times) we had to relocate the storage from Deggendorf to Harburg.
2002Removal of Qualitrans storage from Zachenberg to D-94431 Ganacker. So the administration of the truck fleet and the warehouse are now closer and we can benefit more effectively of the synergies.
2002The first trucks of Qualitrans Slovakia are taken into service.
2003Step by step the truck fleet registered in Germany is transferred to Slavakia.
2004Qualitrans GmbH Munich: the quantity of orders had increased so much that the computer applications, the accounting department and the logistics management had to be restructured. Pesonnel was recruited to meet the higher requirements.
2004The entire truck fleet of the group is now relocated at Qualitrans Slovakia. The successful rise in orders asks for constant expansion of our truck fleet.
2005City logistics becomes the topic of the Qualitrans Transport GmbH. The special field: Commissioning and distribution in the Munich city with firm time windows.
2006After 2 years of  building the new office in Prievidza was finished. The removal took place in April 2006.
2006Shaped of the growth of the group, the capital stock of the Qualitrans GmbH was increased to € 200.000. In December the Munich team took place in the new office space. The areas are so limited, that up to 15 further planning managers will be able to find place in the group.
2008In spite of losses by the financial crisis and economic crisis in the last quarter the year 2008 became the turnover-strongest year in the companies history. The successful adjustment on the individual claims of our customers permits a well-balanced diversification on different independent business portfolio. On all business portfolio growth has been generated. Above all the areas of full load transport and volume transports for trade, industry and metal-processing trade as well as transport of large goods have strongly increased. Consistently the area of Car logistics has developed. Further it was invested in the hard- and software and the training of our employees.Our loyal one and also the new customer would be owed at this point for their trust in Qualitrans! 

The success of the company is based on the higher-than-average input of all our colleagues. We thank our customers and business partners for their trust in our abilities.
We are looking forward to further cooperation