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Transports of large goods in Europe

Transports of large goods by truck

Our services:

  • permanent permissions for transports of large goods to Romania and Hungary via Austria for loads up to 39 tons, 3 m wide and 3,5 m high
  • transports of large goods to Low Countries, France and Spain
  • transports of machines with a weight up to 60 tons from Slovakia and the Czech Republic
  • tractor with 2 or 3 axes
  • semi low-loaders (2 axes) with a payload up to 39 tons
  • semi low-loaders ( 4 or 5 axes) extendible up to 19,5 m
  • mega-plateau-bridges for hyper-expended transports with a payload 20 tons for loads 3,10 m high and 3,5 m wide, partial for horizontal transport of rail waggon walls